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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Snapshots from Africa, Page Ten

Country girl's in the city now and feeling out of place.   I miss the animals!  Today we drove from the fabulous Spier Hotel in the Winelands to Cape Town on the coast.  This is the place where the Dutch East India Company started a colony to resupply trading ships sailing to the Indies.

Lots of history here that I'll tell you about later, but right now I'll post some photos from today.

The Cullinen Hotel in downtown Cape Town


  1. Awesome photos but I miss your words. Fortunately, I know they'll be coming.

  2. Had a million problems uploading these photos, so when they finally did, I didn't date go back and add words.

  3. Ninth (9th) Photo Down .. PRIVATE PARKING .. My-Oh-My .. do you think they meant .. FINED with a 'D' and if the car is parked illegally it will be fineD .. or .. did they really mean that an illegally parked car would be JUST FINE Thank You Very Much We Are Forgiving People And We Know That You Made A Mistake Parking In Here So All Will Be Just FINE!!!
    I thought you were in Africa and NOT IN INDIA!!
    Do I ever KNOW THE FEELING when you write you had a million problems uploading the photos .. well .. they sure look PHENOMENAL AND FINE to me .. Smiles from Cap and from Patti (coming home early tomorrow morning Friday the 14th) and 'Zilla and why not .. Gordy 48025 ..

  4. love the brightly colored abodes....it would be hard to feel blue in a lime green house. Gives me an idea for flower boxes tho. <3