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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Snapshots from Africa, Page Two

I am back in Johannesburg this afternoon after our usual 5:30 AM safari drive at Mabula Game Reserve,but not after witnessing the great horse roundup this modern way:  the wrangler was on an ATV.  Within the reserve is a guided horseback outfit that lets their horses run loose when they aren't needed.

The, when they have rides scheduled, they round up the horses, usually by whistling.   Today the horses were on the Lodge grounds and a fellow was chasing the mback home while  riding an ATV.

Then it was off to seethe elephants, if we could find them.  It rained last night and the elephants most likely were clustered in thick trees for warmth.

Warthog on Mabula Game Lodge grounds

Hippo with baby at Mabula

Impala that died in an accident is fed to crocs

This cobra took exception to me apparently

Mabula housekeepers on the way to work.

Young child on crowded bus.   Note it is pushed up against the seat back in front of it.

Female Nyala on Mabula Game lodge grounds

Woodland Kiingfisher

Red Hartebeest

Male Kudu

Male Kudu


Theoriginal, non-hybridized zinnia


Black backed jackal

Sunrise over Mabula

The lion doesn't sleep at night,despite what the song says.

Did we ever find the lions?   You'll find out thenext time I can log on to the internet.


  1. Awesome shots of the glories of Africa.

  2. Way Cool Jeanne! Wow, I can't wait to hear about your adventures, looks wicked.

  3. The male kudu is stunning. I don't want to offend that lion, but he looks like a huge poodle in that pose. Seriously, the photos -- the LIFE -- amazing. Feels electric.

  4. We are not sure how you are getting the close-up photos we are seeing .. they are great .. I don't think you are carrying a high-dollar camera with expensive 'long lens' are you? Loving your first two posts .. Smiles .. Cap and Patti who is about to go to Hawaii in two days..

  5. The animals are CLOSE! I do use a telephoto on occasion so I can get more detail.