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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Ice Treasures

I went down to Tern Lake late this afternoon and found the thickness of the ice has increased to about four inches and more.

Here are some photos I took while walking around on the ice.

Tower of bubbles

Cold temperatures have hoar frost forming on everything, here on a leaf.

Hoar frost crystals

Double bubbles

Ice crystals

Tern Lake with etching from ice skates....and rocks thrown onto the ice.

Hoar frost building on a stone.

Tower of bubbles

Aha!   I was wondering where this handicapped parking sign was.

I suspect it was buried on a giant pile of snow a few years ago and the snow plow pushed snow and sign onto the ice.

Another tower of bubbles captured as the ice formed.

Hoar frost flowers on ice.

This is where the above photo was taken, to give your a sense of proportion.

This is a fracture "sculpture" created when the ice freezes and cracks.

This is a dead, spawned-out salmon, suspended belly-up beneath the ice

See the head and gills?

And this is hoar frost building on the tail of the salmon that is protruding through the ice.

Another fracture creation.

And another.

A multitude of bubbles suspended in the ice.

 As I was walking back across the ice towards the parking area, I surprised a still living salmon beneath the ice.   I followed, trying to get a photo, but it was too fast for me.     Tomorrow, weather permitting, I go back with ice skates and try to photograph a salmon beneath the ice.


  1. Fantastic pictures. I would never have thought of taking pictures of ice bubbles and ice fractures. Excellent. You are a talented photographer. Good luck with the ice skates.

  2. I've never seen ice bubbles before, how beautiful and interesting.

  3. Talented photographer, captivating writer, cook extraordinaire, adventurer, "handy-woman" with repairs, three-story sander and stainer of houses, quick wit, intellectual giant of your own making, ... and the superlatives go on and on ... my favorite is: FRIEND of many years. These particular photos are beyond anything one would expect to find...Jeanne, you constantly amaze. Patti and Cap

  4. Not sure where my first comment went, but I'll try again! Amazing photos, Gully! I love the bubble towers and the hoar frost! Sculptures in nature!