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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Out and About When Winter is Late Arriving

No snow yet and the lakes remain open.   Trumpeter swans stop over to chow down on their journey south.

Most of the autumn colors have faded to shades of amber and brown but there's a beauty in that.

Take a look:


  1. These photos rock, as you do, sista!!!

  2. The amber and brown are still stunning ... also nice to see the swans. We have seen a few swans on our New England travels the past few weeks, but there is something very special about seeing the Tern Lake swans in your neighborhood. Did the single male swan appear again this year? Just came from the American Niagara Falls...hard to comprehend the volume of water cascading down unceasingly. Hugs to you Jeanne and to Alaska. Patti and Cap