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Monday, December 31, 2018

Aftershocks 2018

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A nice big 5.0 aftershock an hour ago (another aftershock from the Nov. 30 earthquake that did a lot of damage in Southcentral Alaska)  made me remember the walkabout my mind was on at 3 A.M. last night when I was unable to sleep. 

Most of the earthquakes in this quake-prone area are caused by the Pacific Plate pushing northward against the North American Plate.  The Pacific Plate is losingbeing forced under the NA Plate.   It’s called “subduction.”

So, I was wondering:

1.       If the Pacific Plate is, essentially, going deeper into the globe, is it causing places in Alaska to be pushed upwards?  Is Denali gaining elevation?

2.      Since the Pacific Ocean is on the Pacific Plate, is the Pacific Ocean being concentrated into a smaller area?

3.      Is that smaller area causing the Pacific Ocean waters to rise?

4.      What’s going on along the southern edge of the Pacific Plate?   What is filling in the void?

5.      How long do we have until the west coast of California is on our doorstep?   Or, better yet, Hawaii?



  1. That's some pretty 'deep' thinking. Just like we keep think about when Yellowstone is going to blow it's top. It is supposedly about 60,000 years past due.

  2. Your musings are monumental! You are truly amazing!! Love and hugs, Patti and Cap

  3. I was just musing about whether or not Siberia is earthquake prone. We are, sort of more or less in the same geologic area. Patti does NOT like either earthquakes nor all of the numerous after shocks she is feeling in Anchorage. Smiles from we two .. Patti and Cap