"I'm going to speak my mind because I have nothing to lose."--S.I. Hayakawa

Sunday, December 6, 2009


There is one thing about which I am absolutely, positively certain: Alaska is glad to have me home. The sunrises the last two mornings have been phenomenal. I've already posted yesterday's. Here's today's.

Remember, for the full effect, click on the photo to enlarge it to full screen.

I'd left my truck in Anchorage at my friend Patti's while I was in Mazatlan. When she picked me up at the airport Thursday afternoon, this twin-sized comforter was in my truck. When I return from trips, I have forgotten most of my previous life, and I have no idea where this thing came from. Does anyone belong to this comforter?

The trip to the post office in Moose Pass the next day was really a trip! I stopped several times along the way to take photos of the sun hitting the mountain tops.

I tell you, it's dangerous driving with a camera....

This one below is about a half mile from home. Yes, it really is that color.

Nothing like a huge pile of mail and boxes from Amazon to welcome me home...

Plus the two tamales I brought back from Mexico.

"What kind of meat?" asked the U.S. Customs Agent.

"Uhhhh...beef? I think."

"You hope!" he laughed, and passed me through with my tamales.

I figured things out just right, too, and came home with only a hundred and ten pesos, which is roughly $12.00.

I'd picked up a cute mug/tea pot set at Office Depot, not because I need them but because the green spots were almost the same color as my kitchen cabinets, a difficult color to match, and I thought the mug would be good for heating up soup and the tea pot perfect for making vanilla chai on cold nights. When I removed the cardboard band that strapped them together , the bottoms were imprinted: "Not suit [sic] for microwave. Hand wash."

What the heck? "Not suit for microwave?" Made in China, of course. They don't have microwaves in China?

Oh, well, the green spots are almost the color of my kitchen cabinets...

Yes indeed. I am certain Alaska is glad to have me home. The scenery, the sunrises and sunsets, a warm toasty fire in the woodstove to keep me warm. Abso-tively, posi-lutely certain to have me back.

Not so sure about this fellow, though...


  1. That's my comforter! I'll be darned, I wondered where it went. Oh well, it looks like you'll need it more than me anyway.

    Your photos are exceptional. We're expected up to 12 inches of snow here in Wisconsin this week. I love the excitement of freshly fallen snow, as long as I don't have to do anything with it. Beside cleaning, Lon does the snow removal as well. The four wheel drive on the Avalanche gets me anywhere I need to go.

  2. These pictures are absolutely breathtaking.

    But keep at least one hand or foot on the steering wheel!