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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ride along with me....

Along Turnagain Arm. That's salt water you see there. What you can barely see are the mountains across the Arm.

Here's another along Turnagain Arm.

Birch tree covered with snow.

Dedicated ice fishermen at Summit Lake.

The narrow valley where Jerome Lake is. Look down over the right side as we drive by.

Watch it. This can really be icy.

Did you see that?!!! Click and enlarge it to full screen. Wow! Three of them right in front of us. Boy, those trumpeter swans are big.

Lovely Kenai River.
See the two bald eagles up in the trees?

Wow. Now those are some determined trout fishermen. This is the mouth of Kenai Lake.

Black-eyed raven up in the tree. You can just make out the mountains emerging from the snow clouds.

Ah, clouds are parting. Must be the end of this snowfall. This is Moose Pass, by the way.

Yeah. See those mountains over across Trail Lake?

Here we are at my driveway.

And here we are home.

And my place at the end of the driveway.

Hope you enjoyed the ride.


  1. A cool front arrived in panhandle Florida during the night (which means it's 50 degrees. . .). I'm sitting here in gym shorts and t-shirt drinking a diet Coke & eating saltine crackers because my stomach's upset. (Not surprising -- brother gets pathologist's report today.) Anyway, now I'm shivering after looking at your snow and ice pictures. Guess I better go turn off the air conditioning! ;)

  2. Although I doubt I could survive one of your far north winters, the awesome beauty of Alaska twelve months of the year is forever in my heart and deeply etched in my mind. See you next summer.

  3. I love that you never tire of the scenery around you. Some folks probably take it for granted, but not you.

    You make every outing an adventure; what a way to live!

    Keep it up girlfriend.

  4. The photo of the birch tree took my breath away!

    Being down here in Florida with Beth, I've never had the oppertunity to see snow in person.

    A trip to Alaska during the snowy season is on my bucket list.