"I'm going to speak my mind because I have nothing to lose."--S.I. Hayakawa

Monday, February 8, 2010

A Lousy Left Brain Day

Today I

couldn’t write for beans

and the keyboard was dyslexic.

Today I

read a cooled-off story.

It stank like five day old fish.

Today I

read Dana Stabenow’s new mystery

and marveled at the complex plot.

Today I

wondered why I couldn’t think

of a simple plot, much less a complex one.

Today I

asked the muse to come out and play

but she failed to respond.

Today I

wallowed in dismay at my limitations

embarrassed that I ever thought I could write.

Today I

stayed out of the kitchen

because I couldn’t stand the heat.

Christ, how I hated it.


  1. Today I
    decided it was better to write lukewarm poetry,
    than to say nothing at all.

    Today I
    hope Gully's muse returns home,
    and it appears she may be on her way.

  2. Your muse is a stubborn one. I know I've tried my hardest to send her home to you but obviously she has a mind of her own and a will to match.

    Don't feel alone. I've heard other similar grumblings from amongst the writers I'm acquainted with.

    As for me, I've even entertained thoughts of giving up writing except for what I post on my blog. I find myself being drawn to the writing of others and the ease of that activity.

    I'm hoping I'm like a child going through a phase of development. Perhaps my creativity with words will be revived in time.

    I'm pretty relaxed about the whole situation aside from a few twinges of panic when I first considered turning away from writing. Who knows what tomorrow may bring.

    Sometimes just putting our dilemmas into words can open up the pipes and initiate the flow of creativity.

    At least you've been writing on Ann's site. I can't even bring myself to go there lately.