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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bits 'n' Pieces

Can't See the Trees for the Forest:

I was taking a picture of the clouds parting at the far neck of Resurrection Bay. Not until I checked the image on the LCD screen did I notice the three dark blobs in the tree.

Three immature bald eagles, not yet feathered with white heads and tails.

Guess Who's Expecting:

You can get into an awful lot of legal trouble approaching an eagle's nest, but no one ever told the eagles not to build their home next to a busy highway. This one is at the head of Kenai Lake, near Snow River. What a view she (or he) has.

With this (below) I officially declare winter down and done, but what to call this cold, windy, gray time that isn't spring? El Nino is departing after bringing us a mild, snowy winter, and Mother Nature seems exceptionally hormonal because of it. When I looked at the temperature yesterday afternoon, I almost wept for joy. This is a high mark for the entire year.

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