"I'm going to speak my mind because I have nothing to lose."--S.I. Hayakawa

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Difficult Decision

OMG, what to do when it's 15 below

and you're freezing your nose as well as your toes,

and good friends call and tell of their plans

to travel to places you’ve never seen,

unless you count the pictures on jigsaw

puzzles you’ve solved through the years.

To Frankfurt and Munich and places beyond

where history lives around every turn,

to journey by plane and train and car,

to Vienna and Salzburg and places between,

places you’ve read about but never been.

“And we have tickets,” said Betsey with glee,

to a performance of white horses that dance

in the air, full of grace in your face,

magnificent animals General Patton helped saved,

the famous, incredible Spanish Riding School.

And then she threw the final knife,

“We’re going to see King Ludwig’s place!”

“Neuschwanstein?” you yell with something

quite approaching full jealousy.

Yes, she said, and then:

“Why don’t you come with us?”

You hemmed and you hawed and pondered and thought.

Should I go? Should I not?

Should I sit back and wait,

and study and check my travel budget?

After due diligence—two seconds at least!!!—

You answer, “You bet! When do we leave?”

(March, middle of. I already have my ticket.)


  1. I was wondering where your next adventure would lead, have a great time. Tell Shultzie hi for me.

  2. Walk: I was considering either a land/river cruise to the pyramids in Egypt, hiking parts of the Appalachian trail, or going to Africa and hiking in to see the mountain gorillas (a la Dian Fossey). Then this came up. When it's 15 below, I'll go anywhere.

  3. I love it when you travel and then share it with us!!! I feel so fortunate to be able to go where you go and see things through your eyes. You must be sooooo excited!!!

  4. How exciting! I'm looking forward to your pictures already :)
    We lived in Sicily for 7 months in 2009. We had planned a trip to Salzburg but something came up and we couldn't go. I've always wanted to see where they filmed "The Sound of Music".

  5. WOW! Come March, I'll have my armchair pulled up close to the screen. This sounds like a real goodie.

  6. How exciting! Have a wonderful time!

  7. Wonderful! More awesome pictures of a place I've never been. I so love traveling with you!

  8. It sounds incredible. Can't wait to see your photos.