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Friday, August 26, 2011

Baba Kaps on Board

I have a friend who receives messages.  He sees them, hears them, feels them. 

They might come in the form of a sign painted on the side of a bus, or the next train leaving the station when he looks at the board, or simply a thought that invades his mind and won't go away.  We’ve all received messages like this.  The difference is that he acts on them.

Thus, he is leaving soon for his umpteenth trip to India.  The last time he was there, he wrote long e-mails detailing his adventures.  I and others were spellbound and looked forward to the next chapter.

This time, at my suggestion, he started a blog.  You’ll find a link to it over there on the right, under “come visit my friends.”  His is called Bobakaps Doxology.  He has set up his blog somewhat differently than the rest of us, so it's link is shown as Posts: Bobakaps Doxology.  For the same reason, I'm not sure if the link will update when he posts a new chapter.   Too technical for me.

When I first met Cap, he told a long and convoluted story of being “led” in India by messages, signs, and instructions.   Against his plans and free will, he was guided to Calcutta, a horridly impoverished and filthy city that he had no intention of visiting.

The short version of this story is that a stranger sat down at Cap’s café table and said, “When you get to Calcutta…”

“I’m not going to Calcutta,” said Caps, recovering nicely from a total stranger seating himself at his table.

“When you get to Calcutta,” persisted the stranger, “call this number.”

Remember the first train leaving the station that I mentioned above?  Through that and a series of messages, Cap found himself in Calcutta. 

When Cap called the number and went to the home of the woman he’d called, he was taken to a different building and into a private room, where he was told to wait.  Soon a very small woman known as Mother Theresa entered and the two were introduced. 

There’s more, much more.  Let’s hope his messages lead him to more adventures.  I’ll follow his blog, just in case.

You might want to do that, too.


  1. I like this and will follow thru you or see what happens when I bookmark it. He has peaked my interest. Thanx!

  2. To paraphrase Tim Cook, the new Apple CEO, "It is not possible to live a predictable life." So glad you introduced Cap to blogging. On my way to check it out right now.

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