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Monday, August 15, 2011


Sometime tomorrow that green bird and I will head north.  We have reservations for three nights in the Denali National Park campground  and I plan a trip on the shuttle bus into the park.  That's the only way you can get into the park.

There's one road and vehicles aren't allowed.  Park bus, tour bus, or it's a no-go.

If it's raining too hard to be outside, we'll be comfy in the trailer.

I just might have stories to tell when I get back, whenever that might be.

In the meantime, this is what Trail Lake looked like Saturday morning.
I've been meaning to tell you something.  I have lazy hands.  I mean, I have Lazy Hands.  Look at these clever things:

Notice the ease with which I hold my Kindle?

Here's why.  The loops are held with Velcro.  They peel off to adjust them any place.  No more hand cramps.  Chris, the inventor, makes them for e-tablets, phones, etc.

Truth telling:  I probably never would have purchased these for myself, but now that I have them, I wouldn't be without them.  Honest.  I really like that they're adjustable for all hand positions.

I was in Seward Friday and drove past the new addition to the Culinary Institute building.  Splashes of color caught my eye.

Now how perfectly appropriate and appealing are these guard rail panels for a culinary school?  I'll show you the rest of them whenever I get back from wherever I'm going.


  1. The guard rail panels are so eye catching! I love them.
    Your trailer looks very comfy ~ Have a wonderful trip!

  2. Have a great trip. I am off on a cruise on the Love Boat to New England and Canada 8/20-27 and then visit my new grandbaby in N.Y.
    Look forward to reading about your fun times.....

  3. ....Trail Lake in the rain.... mmmmmmm!