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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Tempest in a Tea Pot


Have you heard all the accusations and lamentations emanating from Washington D.C. like toxic radiation from Chernobyl? 

Some even called the Tea Party members of Congress terrorists

Well, back in the good old days, those days when Boston Harbor was accessorized with floating chests of tea, they were called revolutionaries.  Guess it depends with which side you’re aligned.

This is what Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev, had to say on the floor of the Senate:

“I welcome them all,” Reid said of the new Tea party Senators, “but as result of the Tea Party direction of this Congress these last few months has been very, very disconcerting and very unfair to the American people.”

Reid said the Tea Party “stopped us from arriving at a conclusion much earlier,” to this problem.

I wonder how the Tea Party stopped them from arriving at an early conclusion?  Did they, alack and alas, stick to their campaign promises?  Maybe they stood up for their beliefs and re-election be damned.  Or was it that they tried—OMG—to bring new vision to entrenched politicos and buck the way things were always done in D.C.?

You know about campaign promises, right?   They are those beguiling, enticing, seductive promises left on the door mat like yesterday’s newspaper the day after elections. 

Love them or hate them, join them or don't touch them with a ten-foot tea bag string, you have to admit those freshmen Tea Party members in Congress have enlivened the political circus with a new act, and admire them for abiding by their campaign promises.  

What is this country coming to when politicians remember their promises?

(Pardon this post, please.  I hesitate to comment on politics because, not only am I  a political neophyte, but also because I am isolated from much of the news and machinations in D.C.  However,  I've really enjoyed this past week when the circus came to town.)

Stay tuned. We will return to our regular programming later today:  Chapter Eight in the Resurrection Pass Journals.

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