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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Fishy Tails

To the cleaning board...

To the vacuum packer...

To the freezer.....


  1. I would have helped!!!

  2. What's your favorite way to cook them? My current one is to rub them with Paul Prudhomme's "seafood magic" and just sear in a cast iron skillet. (Of course, the ones I get aren't just out of the water fresh like your beauties. . .)

  3. Now that's a catch!! You can enjoy salmon for months to come and remember the time you rescued them from drowning??!! :)

  4. I love salmon and that looks yummy. Wish I could do what you do!

  5. lol do I send you my address so I cant use my Thousand Secret Senses to truly enjoy the rescued fishes?