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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Moments that take our breath away

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, 
but by the number of moments that take our breath away.

 Three years ago this month as I was heading for home after picking up litter, I came upon Jerome Lake in an enchanted moment and took this photograph if the lake and fireweed in pewter-colored atmosphere.

I think it's exquisite.  It's right out of the camera, with no Photo Shop-ping or tinkering.

I made it my PC's desktop photo a few months ago and every time I climbed up to the loft and approached my computer, this photo took my breath away.  I also changed the appearance of Windows to eggplant and seafoam green, to coordinate with the photo.

A couple evenings ago, when the setting sun turned the air golden, I went back to Jerome Lake to see if I could improve on the photo.  I've posted the results here for your perusing, while I'm working on the next-to-last Resurrection Pass Journals story.

Too bad about the sun flare in this shot, because I really like the light shining through the fireweed blossom petals on the right.

I really like this photo, even with the sun flare.  It depicts exactly what I mean when I say, "golden air," those minutes when the set is setting and still a warm color.

This one's close, but its composition is unbalanced.  This color is a bit gold and a bit silver.

All silver and too late.  The sun's already behind the mountain.   And, again with the balance.  The fireweed aren't tall enough in the original spot where I took the picture, so I had to move downhill.

The original again.  I guess there's no improving on the original.   There must be a life truism in that statement.  Or, perhaps, enchanted moments are enchanting because they come so seldom.

Click on all these to enlarge, then click again to enlarge to full screen.

Let me know if any of them take away your breath.


  1. I agree....the original does it for me.

  2. OH! I clicked and then clicked again - and gasped aloud in my quiet living room. Wow!! May I use it as my desktop image? This is stunning. And I love the progression as you tried to "improve on the original." Thank you for sharing the photos and your process.

  3. I admire your quest for perfection but I reckon you had it the first time.

    At least for now, you can be content with this gorgeous scene. Knowing you, some day you might try again to improve on perfection.


  4. lol clicking and enlarging each. and. every. one. They ALL work for me!

    the Trail Chronicles may have to wait for another evening