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Friday, April 20, 2012

Changing Faces

(I'm working on a post about some eerie goings-on around here, so I'll leave you with some photos to look at until I'm done with the mystery.  Remember that you can enlarge these photos by clicking on them, then right clicking again on the enlargement, and left clicking on "view image."  If  you're lucky, you can make the photo bigger by clicking on it again,"  or by holding down your ctrl key and spinning your mouse wheel forward.)

This is a season of change.  Down on the valley floor where we humans live, snow is melting and determined little green things are popping out of the ground where sunny days and warm temperatures have eliminated the blanket of cold white.

There's still 30 inches of snow in most parts of my yard, more where the snow plow stacked it.  Up against the house, a shooting star has sprouted, and this afternoon I saw the first blades of grass on a south-facing slope at Jerome Lake.

High above where the mountains have some privacy, little seems to change except the light. 


The snow melts slowly and in certain places the mountains shrug off their loads of snow.

And there's much more where all that came from:

This huge cornice will break off one day and rolling down the mountain like a freight train.

Yesterday, the morning light revealed the masses of snow hiding behind craggy ridges.  Easy to tell which way the wind blows through here.

Now,, back to spooky-ville and the strange happenings in Gully's house.

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