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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Let's See What's in the Camera


Feathered friends:

 Hello, Edda,  my fine feathered friend.  Wanna propagate the species with me?

Oh, lovely, Edgar.  Your place or mine?

Are you kidding me?  You expect me to lay eggs in that snow bank?

Is it still winter or is it spring?

This young birch still has more than 3 feet of snow around its trunk.

Buds???!!!   No way!

Impending Doom:

 One of the mountains behind my house.

The cornice at its top.  I'd guess three score or more high.  It'll break off someday and avalanche down, coming quite near my property.

Life with Pablo:

Ah, chopped salad for dinner. Never heard of them until I read about New York chopped salads at The Pioneer Woman.

Pablo's share.

You just licked off all the dressing?

Fun and Games:

 First day of Litter picking.  Aren't you rushing things?

 Shuffleboard, Alaskan style.

An hour later....

What on earth?

Peppered cinnamon roll?


No explanation necessary:


  1. we hit 60 in our neck of the woods...Randy got the whole place mowed and Robt. called to complain about the 3" of snow he got today. Does that mean you got some too?

    Happy Easter....hope you can find all the eggs you hide. ;D

  2. I love it! a slide show of Alaskan Spring!

  3. are yellow bags in style already ??
    Too much snow here.
    Happy Easter
    B & B

  4. We saw 3.90 for regular unleaded today; down a few cents from earlier in the week. Guess I better quit complaining.