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Friday, June 14, 2013

Addendum to Previous Post

Jonah and I (mostly me) got caught fibbing to Google Blogspot yesterday and it refused to allow me to set up a blog for said 11 year old.   We had to bring mama in and set it up in her name, much to the dismay of Jonah.  Therefore when you go to his blog, you will find "Really Jonah" where the profile info is listed.  We aren't finished setting it up yet.

I don't know Jonah very well (yet), but I'm somewhat responsible for him being here.  Years ago, when my husband and I owned a lodge in Moose Pass, a friendly, outgoing young lady called from Texas, inquiring about employment opportunities.  After a couple minutes conversation, I guaranteed her a job if she came to Alaska.

She arrived and was a wonderful employee.   She met her future husband, and as these things progress naturally, Jonah arrived, followed by a younger brother.

I was so impressed with Jonah's abilities and talent for photography that yesterday I helped him set up a Google blog so he can post his bird photos.  

Jonah's using a digital SLR camera and says he understand how to use all those different settings on it.  I asked him if he would start a camera class.....   Probably fruitless on my part, because I cannot retain all that f stop and aperture stuff, no matter how many times I read about it.

Here's the link to his blog.


And here's a photo I took of Tern Lake at 11 PM last night.   The camera caught the sunlight  reflecting off the mountains and water and darkened the rest of the scene.   It was broad daylight, thanks to our wonderful Midnight Sun.



  1. Good for Jonah, Gully. Might I suggest you point him at Stewart’s ‘Paying Regular Attention’ on my blog’s side bar? If he check’s Stewart’s post for Wednesday of this past week, he’ll see a section where he could’ve posted a bird picture. While that’s now closed, it’s a feature that Stewart runs regularly, and it gets lots of interaction from bird freaks.

  2. Oops. I should’ve said the blog I’ve labeled ‘Stewarts’s Bird Photos’.

  3. Breathtakingly beautiful photo of Tern Lake.