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Friday, June 28, 2013

Following Instructions, Sort of

The instruction manual for my camera recommends against pointing the camera at the sun, lest damage result.

Because I always follow instruction (;>o), I didn’t aim my camera directly at the sun.  I aimed it at something between the camera and sun.  That counts, doesn’t it? 

I’ve done this before, using the sun for backlighting, but lately I am obsessed with photographing flowers in this manner.  Thus:

Dandelion seed head

Cotton Grass


Wild Geranium

Dwarf Fireweed




Grass Seed

Seed heads



Now that I think about it, this isn't an entirely new obsession:

This photo was taken in Maui.

Jerome Lake

Hiker in Cathedral Wash, Grand Canyon, Arizona

Autumn at Tern Lake

Fall colors at Jerome Lake

And, I am not above using the moon, either:

Juliet, the injured swan, as ice forms on Tern Lake.


  1. How beautiful! Thank you, Jeanne, for the flood of happy memories that always come while looking at your photos from the Peninsula.--Rebekah

  2. The sun, the moon, the stars...whichever you want. I give them all to you. Use them as you see fit.

    This isn't a direct Bible quote, but I believe the Lord will approve.

    In other words, I love these nature photos and I hope your camera holds up in spite of it all.

  3. Love your blog.

  4. Love the way you have them framed. We just returned from Maggie Valley, where the lawn at the cottage there was covered in white clover, much beloved by buzzy bees. No barefooting. That dandelion seed head looks like a wish on the wing. Gorgeous.