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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Snapshots from Africa, Page Five

If you weren't sure before, you will be convinced now:

The Zambezi River gorge just below Victoria Falls.  The cables you see spanning the river are not the ones I zipped.   The zip line starts at the same place, but drops quickly into the gorge, comes forward into the photo, and is fastened across the gorge out of sight at right.

And there she goes...

Up to 110 km/hr across a 500m chasm.

There goes my rescuer.

While I'm still swing back and forth.

He fastens a rope to me...

And back to the top we go.


The sign right beside me reads "Enter at your own risk."


  1. OMG ...I think I might have freaked....but I guarantee you I'll never find out. Show me photos of the falls. <3

  2. You are fearless. How many others in your group did that?? None??

    1. I talked the woman into it and she talked her husband into going too.

  3. Who took the rescue photos for goodness sakes! And did he .. by-arm-and-hand .. manually work the two of you back up to 'GO' .. Smiles .. Cap and Patti .. what fun! LOVE IT ..