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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Mongolia, A Report from the Field: The Thieves are Everywhere

I am currently traveling with my friends Cap and Patti in Mongolia.

Cap has had two items stolen from him by pickpockets here in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

One was his smartphone, taken a few months ago.    The other, just a few days ago, was his Nikon Coolpix point and shoot camera.  That was taken by a pickpocket as invisible as a ghost.   He put his bag down on a chair while he tried on a warm jacket.

The camera was inside a velcro fastener and TWO zipped pockets.  Everything was re-fastened.

Those are the invisible thieves.   There are others, much more flagrant in their modus operandi, and it does not appear there is anything one can do about them.

I do not know what these street vendors are selling, but it appears to be a legume of some sort.   Perhaps a dried red bean.

Look!  I caught the thief in the act!

It was so bold, it looked over an assortment before deciding on one.


Let this be a lesson to you:

Look at that brazen little thief!

If you buy anything from a street vendor, make sure you wash it before eating it.


  1. Too bad this little bird isn't the only type of thief in Ulaanbaatar!!!

  2. What a shame about Cap's camera! He must be lost without it. I imagine he bought another one.

  3. Shaddy I carry two cameras in case this happens or in case I drop one and it won't function. Sadly this .. me dropping a camera .. has happened to me several times. I also had a second cell phone with me when my smart phone was stolen.

    I was with Gullible as she shot the bird above near The State Department Store here in Ulaanbaatar near a bus stop.

    It is fun to have her here with us. Thanks for your concern. From Patti and Cap ..