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Friday, January 9, 2009

stayin' alive...

What have I been doing and why haven't I been posting here regularly? Well, several of us who took an online writing class from Ann Linquist have found her at her blog "Ann Linquist Writes." When we showed up, she began posting writing prompts for us to play with. We are now on prompt three, which she calls Goofing Around-3.

The prompt is called Ouija poetry. This is how it works:

Start typing randomly. Don't bother making any sense out of it, or trying to type words, etc. Random typing, meaningless jibberish. adding spaces and hard returns occasionally. Then, look at the mess you've made and see what comes of it. Pick out things that look like words, phrases, etc.

Then write poetry from that.

Join us. It's a lot of fun, and you will be astounded at what has come from a total mass of jibberish. Just don't read mine, okay?


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