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Saturday, January 24, 2009

...a walk with gerri....

I tell people I’m here in Halibut Cove to house-sit for friends while they vacation. While that’s certainly true, it isn’t the whole truth. The real reason I’m here is to open the door for Gerri, who--lacking height and opposable thumbs—is unable to open said door for herself.

Gerri is a cat, a very beautiful cat with long hair and blue eyes and a thick winter coat. She likes to go outdoors first thing in the morning. If I miss that magical time, an arbitary moment known only to her, she will come to my bedside and let me know that I blew it again. This morning when I was shaken out of bed, it wasn’t Gerri’s doing, but a 5.7 magnitude earthquake centered fifty miles west of here. Nothing was hurt around here, or at least I haven’t yet discovered anything broken or tumbled, and really, a 5.7 in a mere vibration to those of us who had the (mis-)fortune to be here in 1964 for The Big One.

Anyway, I got up before Gerri this morning and had to call her from her chosen resting place. Off she went on her excursion for a couple hours. Just as I was slipping on my boots with the steel cleats for maneuvering and staying upright while walking on ice, she returned and deigned to accompany me on a walk as I took care of my daily rounds. I should have known who was really doing the deigning.

She is in charge of this place. Should you doubt that, just take a walk with her, as I did. She always leads, five-inch wide tail struck straight up in the air.

She gets a little impatient if I lag behind and certainly has no patience as I carefully make my way down the ice-covered hills. "I could have taken a nap, as slow as you are," she complains.

There are wonderful things to be seen here, marvels of nature…

...as long as you remember….

…what this walk is all about.

From exquisite views of the cove….

…to exquisite views of Gerri…

At some points one can see across the isthmus of the cove’s island….

…well, sometimes one can see the bluffs of Homer across Kachemak Bay. Take my word for it this time.

Everywhere there are artworks of nature…

…interspersed with artworks of man…

…interspersed with Gerri….

…who knows what this walk is really about…

"Follow me, "she says….

"I’ll show you one of my favorite places….

My birds… Mine... all mine...

The boat’s okay…

…and the skiff is fine. Watch the orange tape around the skiff. It’s an electrified tape to keep the otters out… "

Gerri and I parted company on the return walk. She had more places to visit.

Lest I had any doubt as to what this walk was all about, here’s all the reminder I needed:

Hope you enjoyed your walk with Gerri...

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