"I'm going to speak my mind because I have nothing to lose."--S.I. Hayakawa

Monday, December 14, 2009

Oh, rats! And it's all Fig's fault.

I decided to remove the link to Fig Mince's blog this evening. I'd left it there long after he stopped blogging, hoping that if he continued to see it, he would decide to start again. A little guilt thing I was trying out. I should have known better.

For a long time, clicking on the link would bring up this message: Just because one can, doesn't mean one should.

Now, unfortunately, there's only a message saying the blog has been discontinued.

Rats. Double rats, too, because not only do I really, really miss his sense of humor, but when I clicked on the remove button, all the links were removed. Now I have to redo all of them. It's too late at night to do that now. It'll just have to wait until later tomorrow.

And, it's all Fiz Natz's fault. The way I see it, anyway.


  1. If you need someone to blame, I agree that he's the one to point your finger at.

    I have way too many favorite blogs and should eliminate some. I tried recently but didn't shorten the list much.

    I want to comment on all of the new posts and that is quite time consuming. Maybe I'll come up with some manageable way to handle this before 2010 struts in.

    Good luck with fixing Fig's fiasco.

  2. Huh? Me? My fault? C'mon, Gully, all I was trying to do was quietly disappear. So you're not gonna guilt me into responding. Oops... Damn.