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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Come on, let's go!

Hey, jump in the truck. Let's make a quick trip to Anchorage.

Seat belt fastened? Good. Roads are a little icy after yesterday's freeze/thaw cycle. That's Summit Lake over on the right, sound asleep under a fog blanket.

Sun's not quite high enough yet. It has to peek through the valleys in between the mountains. This area is called Silvertip. It's my favorite area to clean up litter in the summer.

This is Turnagain Pass, one of two passes we travel through on the way to Anchorage. That new dusting of snow makes it look like a Currier and Ives print, doesn't it?

Okay, now we're leaving the pass and heading a thousand vertical feet down to saltwater at Turnagain Arm.

Turnagain Arm. Sun's peeking through clouds and fog, and just look at that phenomenal light on the mountains across the Arm. Those big gray chunks are ice. The tide leaves they stranded when it goes out, then floats them when it comes back in.

Can't decide which of the three pictures I like best, so you get all three.

Mile 105. Right on schedule, the Dall sheep are down by the highway again.

And this, ahhhhh! Look behind you. This is looking back at the town of Hope, across the Arm, and the sun shining through above Resurrection Pass.

(A few hours later, most of the errands completed, and heading home.)

Snowing through Bird Creek.

Hey, thanks for joining me. Nice ride, huh? Always something different to see.


  1. Beautiful ride and always different for sure, Gully.

  2. What a great ride! I really love the picture that looks back at the town of Hope. The light on the water is beautiful.
    Great pictures as always :)

  3. I love it when you take us along! These scenes are wonderful.