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Friday, May 6, 2011

Mountain Lights

Cloudy, with rain.  That was today's weather forecast.

So, when I went litter-picking early this afternoon, I took rain gear with me.

No rain.  Instead, the sun warmed its way through the clouds and turned Lower Summit Lake into a reflective mirror as I walked along the highway.

Stolen sun, I call it.  "Stolen" because it was supposed to rain. 

This evening around 9:30 the sun was punctuating the clouds in the west, and there was just something about the way it was backlighting those mountains that I liked.

Remember, you can click on these photos to enlarge them and then click again for full screen. 

A little later, the air turned golden.  I went out, expecting a dramatic cloud scene, but the sky was clear.   No spectacular mountain scenes.  When I came back inside I noticed that golden light shining through the shamrock that sits on a window ledge.

Stolen sun, the end of a beautiful day.

And stolen sun, like stolen kisses, is much sweeter by far.

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  1. Awesome Jeanne,

    I love how the weather is difficult to predict here, unlike the Lower 48.

    Thanks for the photos, and, thank you so much for posting to FB, if you didn't post when you have a story, I wouldn't see all of them.