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Sunday, May 8, 2011

♫♫♫ Oh, Happy Day ♫♫♫ and Litter Notes for May 8, 2011

♫♫♫  ♫♫♫  OH, HAPPY DAY   ♫♫♫  ♫♫♫

I am certain, without a doubt, no question about it-- using the words of a familiar gospel song to announce what has made me so happy is NOT politically-nor-any-other-kind of correct.

But listen.  One takes one's happiness where one finds it.  The line from my septic tank to the leach field has finally thawed and I no longer have to pump my septic tank every three or four days.

♫♫♫   OH, HAPPY DAY!!!!!  ♫♫♫

Here's some more good news:

I have finished picking up litter in the Moose Pass Section of the Seward Highway  north from Mile 36 to Mile 46, with the exception of an area alongside Summit Lake, and am now working in the Silvertip maintenance section.  

Here's the bad news for Ken and crew:

There are 46 yellow bags of litter waiting for pickup on the sides of the highway.  But listen, Ken and crew:  It's fine with me if those bags stay out there for a while.  I like to think it makes people think twice about tossing stuff from their vehicles.

Odds, Ends, and Curiosities

See this miserable excuse for a tree?  It's an alder.  I'm showing it to you because this is what I've been dealing with the last few days.

This is their growth pattern:  Multiple limbs spreading out in a circle.  I chose this one to photograph because it's remarkably in the open.  Usually they are densely packed, limbs intermingling, providing sanctuaries for litter.  I hate them.  One thing worse?  Willows!!!!

I was about dead when I spotted something white in the alders.  My feet hurt.  My hands ached.  My shoulder was threatening to strike.  I'd pushed myself too far that day.  I was thinking very seriously that this would be my last year picking up litter.  Then, I reached for this white paper towel with my grab  stick.  Neatly nestled on the towel was a pile of rabbit pellets.   I laughed out loud and reached for the camera.
I'm sure the rabbit didn't know what was under the snow when he left his pellets.
Today was better as I didn't push myself too hard.  I spotted what I thought was a chunk of foam stuck on a branch.  When I got closer, I realized it was a slab of snow, about 14" by 14".  Apparently heavy snow had pushed the tree branch to the ground, and subsequent snowfalls froze the branch in the snow.  As the snow melted, the branch sprang back up, taking a slab of snow with it. 
Found these new boat and trailer registrations yesterday.  Trying to find a phone number to let the owner in Eagle River know.
Another item I dragged home with  me.  It's been through the laundry already.  Will make a nice packing blanket or bed for someone's critter.
And today's biggest find is an uninjured Blackberry.  Battery's dead, though.  I'll see if I can find the owner.

♫♫♫  Oh, Happy Day!!!!  ♫♫♫
♫♫♫  Oh, Happy Day!!!!  ♫♫♫
I put the sewer pump away!!!! 

Total bag count to date:  132 

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  1. It's too bad you have to delight in things most of us take for granted, that is, a functioning septic system.

    You're rocking in the litter department!! That's a lot of bags in a very short time.