"I'm going to speak my mind because I have nothing to lose."--S.I. Hayakawa

Sunday, May 1, 2011


Late last night I heard the news
of the end of a tall, gentle-eyed man
with murderous evil in his heart
and thousands of deaths at his feet.

I watched for hours as the news poured in,
watched as people gathered
in front of the White House and at Ground Zero.
They cheered and chanted “USA! USA! USA!”

Was it my imagination, when I turned off the TV,
did I stand a little straighter?
Were my shoulders back a little farther?
Was the White House a little whiter?
Was Ground Zero a little brighter?
Did we return some swagger to our troops?

Today some ask if it is proper
to celebrate the killing of a man
who ordered the deaths of so many,
who caused the loss and maiming of many more,
who hid behind a woman in his final moments.

That is not why we celebrate.
We mark the years of grieving,
the suspicion that perhaps we weren’t equal to the task,
that maybe we’d slipped, that we were too soft.

The lungs that today expel the air
that passes through the larynges
that transforms those breaths to cheers
in celebration are not for the death
of a coward who sent others to do his evil.

Those cheers are for one purpose:
To lighten the souls of those we’ve lost,
and the hearts of we who mourn them,
that they might soar higher.

Yet, in my heart I feel
the life of my friend Chris
and of all the other lives lost because of this madman
are worth far, far more
than the lives of tens of thousands
of men with evil in their hearts.


  1. 66 years to the day that Hitler's death was reported, that's kinda spooky.

  2. I appreciate your words in verse, the meaning behind them, the effort and time you took to put them down.

  3. That was one complicated, harrowing mission and they accomplished it brilliantly. I'm in awe of the entire team, both on the ground and the technical support.

  4. Jeanne Waite Follett
    has said it in such a superb style that I am sure Gotcha! will be admired for reading our minds! Thanks, Gullible! Seniors World Chronicle has already quoted you, of course with credit and a link to your site!

  5. This is beautiful!