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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Tourii or Residents?

The Early Bird tourists are back.  

But wait.

Maybe they’re actually Snow Birds.  You know, they live here in Alaska but fly out before the first snow and spend the winters Outside.

So, what are they, actually?  Tourii or residents?

Well, they spend more time away from Alaska than they spend in Alaska.  That makes them tourii.

But they have their anchor babies here.  Does that give them resident status?

They certainly can’t vote, and the way they move about from precinct to precinct makes it impossible to determine an actual address for them.

Still, there is that anchor baby thing they have going for them.

Ah ha!  They aren’t eligible for the Permanent Fund Dividend—too much time out of state.

Shoot.  I really don’t know what to call them, other than by their given names:

Trumpeter Swans and unidentified sidekicks

Yellowleg Sandpipers
Common Mergansers (both males)
Barrow's Goldeneye (male and female)
Northern Pintail (male and female)
Common Mergansers (male and female)

All I know for sure is that they certainly are a flighty bunch.

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  1. ...and as I recall, considerable funds have been allocated for the safety and housing of these ... turii? And in municipal areas they are frequently on the dole for bread crumbs and even expensive seed.. Not to mention that prime real estate has been set aside specifically for these... interlopers.

    maybe theyre just democrats?