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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Flutter-Bys and Show Offs

While you wait for me to stop lollygagging (if you think pumping out my septic tank every day is lollygagging) and to get on with telling more stories, enjoy this photo of a Peacock Butterfly I saw at the Piber Stud Farm in Austria.  They are common throughout Europe.

I know that because I spent some time at What's That Bug, clicking through first the moths and then the butterflies until I found a match.

Speaking of Peacocks:

I didn't have to go to What's That Bird to identify this show off at the Shonbrunn Palace in Austria.

And besides, after pumping out my septic tank once a day, I feel entitled to goofing off the rest of the day....

Entitled, I tell you.  Oh, there's that nasty word again, everybody's favorite bully target:  entitlements.

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