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Monday, April 4, 2011

En Route III

Friday afternoon, which might be April 1, I’m waiting in the Seattle airport for my flight to Anchorage.

Eventually, a boarding announcement is made, with early boarding for people with small children.  .  A couple comes through the crowd pushing two double strollers.  In each is a cute blonde girl, and there might have been one walking.  That makes four or five, all appearing to be preschool or younger, and Mom looks pregnant.  Dad pulls out a handful of boarding passes.

When I board, the family is seated two rows in front of me.  Behind me is a couple with a toddler daughter.  I soon learn that Toddler Daughter has the lungs of an opera singer.  For no apparent reason she lets out frequent screams and cries.

Two rows ahead, the blonde girls are squealing also, but not so loud, and certainly less frequently.  Their squeals are those of excitement.  This is going to be a long three hour and fifteen minute flight.

As soon as the flight attendants come by with beverages, I ask for ear plugs and the rest of the trip slips by peacefully.  And quietly.

When Patti the Parrot Sitter picks me up in the airport, she is full of tidbits about her time spent with Pablo.  Pablo, on the other hand, lets out a screech and a bellow when I walk into Patti’s condo.  I’d planned to stay overnight, but just before leaving Germany, I learned I had to work Monday.  The idea of two full days at home to recover from jet lag is too much, and I opt to drive home, arriving at 9:30 p.m., just as the last of the daylight disappears  Pablo forgives me on the way home.

I am in bed and asleep by 10:30.  I would have been there earlier, but I had to wait for Pablo to have his bedtime snack and drink of water.   I think he does this on purpose.

Nap time arrives at 4 p.m. Saturday.  Except for an hour about 9 p.m. when I stagger around looking for something to eat, I sleep through until 7 Sunday morning. 

Since arriving back in the USA, I have slept 36 and a half hours in less than three days and I’m feeling pretty good.

Now I have to read through all the informative books and pamphlets I brought home with me so I can tell about my journeys.  This is the perfect day for it, too—snowy.  And we had a minor earthquake a while ago. 

Welcome home, Gullible.  Two p.m.  Must be nap time....


  1. I love all the brochures! Glad you made it home safe :)Pablo sounds like quite a character.

  2. What a Lucky Woman you are. Hey, want to go to the Galpogos Islands with me?


  3. What a Lucky Woman you are. Hey, want to go to the Galpogos Islands with me?