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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Those Things that Go Bump in the Night

 We interrupt our regularly scheduled programing to bring you news from the Moose Pass neighborhood....

I stole this right off my neighbor Shawn's Facebook post.  I figured I had a right to it because it wound up on my Facebook wall.  Also because it really liked it.

To set the scene:  it snowed in Moose Pass this week, just enough to reveal what passes in the night, especially those things with really, really, really large feet  paws.


So, after the snow yesterday there were tracks in the yard this morning. Somebody with very big feet. Then on the walk down to get the paper I saw a peacock. Think after I finish this bowl of whiskey and cornflakes I'll load up and go out looking for heffalumps and woozles.

These are the tracks of a large brown bear.  Not a wee black bear, nor a midling grizzly.  A big brown bear.


  1. WOW. Big bear. I have really been enjoying your travels. You look awesome. What a lot of exciting places to see. Thanks so much for sharing what I will never see in my lifetime. Reminds me of my mother. She had a journal with her on all of her travels. Before computers. Again thank you for all the cool pics and commentaries. Ewana Jackson (Bass)

  2. I'll never complain about the skunks in my backyard again.

  3. Snow! Oh dear, I'm not prepared to even read that word for a couple of months. Although, without it you wouldn't realize what was out and about in the dark!