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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Nice guys finish where?

Jr. Mt. Marathon winner
Remember my neighbor Miles Knotek, the 16 year old who won the 2011 Mt. Marathon junior race in Seward this year?  The one who posted the second fastest time ever?  Who finished a minute and fifteen seconds faster than the second place runner?

Yeah, that Miles.

Since then he’s won a few other varsity races, including the high school Regionals for 1-2-3-A schools last weekend.  He was also selected as the most valuable runner in Regionals.  After that, at least one television sports announcer mentioned his name.

Today Miles won the State Championship meet in Anchorage.  It looked dicey from a spectator’s view for almost the entire race because another boy led in the 5000m course.  Miles was on his shoulder the whole time.

Two hundred yards from the finish line, and in full view of the spectators crowded into the arena, Miles pulled his Secretariat move and sprinted ahead.  He finished first in 16:23 minutes, fully nine seconds ahead of the boy he’d run with the entire race.

How about that?  Nice guys DO finish first.


(From milesplit.com)

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