"I'm going to speak my mind because I have nothing to lose."--S.I. Hayakawa

Monday, May 24, 2010

Some Day, When I'm Old and Gray...

Pablo and I returned Sunday night from our camping trip at Silvertip. Today I was cleaning out the trailer, ridding it of all the grit and silt I'd tracked in after filling 38 bags with roadside litter over a five-mile stretch of beautiful highway. When, lo and behold....

(To the tune of The Way You Look Tonight)

Some day, when I’m old and gray,

and I’ve given up,

I will lift a lid and then I’ll find you,

right where I’d put you away.

Yes, I’ve missed you, all those credit cards,

my Costco membership..

There was nothing for me but replace you,

‘cause nowhere that I’d looked was right.

With each year my forgetfulness grows,

hiding my SCUBA card….

And my senior pass to all the national parks,

I’ve bought two more since I lost you…

To-day, when I cleaned the camper out,

thinned down what I carry,

don’t need this casserole dish, and then I found you,

right where I’d put you away.


  1. That is a rather strange place to file your cards but at the time you placed them in the dish, I'm sure it seemed logical or more than likely you were just in a hurry and stuck them in the closest spot.

    It's fun to be with you as you put your life stories into verse form.

    I'm glad your camping trip went well. Thirty eight bags of litter isn't a slight accomplishment; pat yourself on the back for your continuous efforts to make Alaska more beautiful. I love that you get your exercise and actually accomplish good deeds at the same time.

    I'm looking forward to more of your words.

  2. I'd put them away in a "safe" place when leaving the camping trailer one day at least five years ago. Someplace a thief wouldn't look. You know those "safe" places?

  3. Obviously, your choice of a safe place was unfortunately, brilliant!

    Don't you hate being so wise!!

  4. When my brother and I were cleaning out our parent's home to sell after they moved into the assisted living apartment, we found three sets of keys they "hid" in places "no thief would look" while they were on vacation. They got a big kick out of it when we told them where we found each set.

  5. PS Loved you poem. The tune is now stuck in my head!!