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Friday, August 13, 2010

I think I'll stay in the house today...

Today, in case you hadn't realized it, is Friday the 13th, not that I'm superstitious or anything.


I bought this mirror when I was in Anchorage a couple days ago. It had a big sticker label right on the glass, of course. After a day of intermittent scraping with my thumbnails, I had a zillion infinitesimal wads of sticky paper, but most of the label remained intact.

Time for the big guns.

So I poured a generous amount of Goof Off on the label and it disappeared in a puff of green smoke. In a manner of speaking. (The truth is so colorless.)

Anyway, the label was easily removed. And the plastic holding the glass mirror? Well, it was almost removed too. Go look at the handle in the picture. See how it's been texturized?

Then, I was walking around on the lawn this morning and taking photos of mushrooms before I mowed the grass. Alongside a former chicken coop now morphed into a mini greenhouse, I saw something dark on the grass that didn't look anything like a mushroom.

Looking closely.... Yikes! It's a bat. And there were more next to it. Four little dead bats.

Here, artfully arranged for your viewing pleasure, are the four bats. All very dead.

I think.

They don't sleep this soundly, do they?

And then there was the evidence of a cat scratching in my flower bed and there's only one cat in the neighborhood that I know of and it doesn't cross the highway to come over here....

As I said, I think I'll stay in the house today.


  1. I'm creeped out too. Although I'm thousands of miles away from this gruesome scene, I may stay inside as well.

  2. Did they all die right next to each other like that? Or did a cat arrange them for you like that. Very strange... and icky.

  3. Hmm. These don't look like they've been hit by a Cat Torturer though.

    There's some mysterious fungus or something going around in New England and New York that is killing lots of bats. White nose syndrome or something like that -- the bats are dying off by the hundreds. Could that be it? Do you remember if they looked like they'd been snorting coke? I think the bats they've found in the northeast have white powdery stuff around their noses.