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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sunset Serenade

I stayed home most of yesterday, taking care of some neglected chores. While I worked, I also listened to and watched the televised memorial service for our beloved Uncle Ted. There were a number of out of towners there--Vice President Biden, several members of Congress, dignitaries from overseas. Those who spoke mentioned Uncle Ted's love for Alaska.

And then, around seven o'clock, I could fight the craving no longer.

I laced on my hiking boots, grabbed the truck keys, and drove some twenty miles into the mountains. I should say, I guess, FARTHER into the mountains.

I was heading to the bottom of this hill and around the corner. Click on the photo to enlarge it to full screen to get the full effect of the layered mountains.

When I reached the exact spot I wanted, I parked, grabbed my grab stick and started filling yellow bags. It took me two and a half hours to cover a mile of highway--one mile up and one mile back.

I could have done it much quicker had I not stopped to watch the light show and take pictures of it. Here are some photos that show the progression. I've divided them into two groups--one set looking north and the other looking south.

Here's the looking north batch:

And, looking south:

Finally, west:

I wonder if any of the out of town mourners were still in Anchorage this evening. I wonder if they happened to look outside sometime between 8 and 9:30 p.m. If so, they saw something of what Uncle Ted loved about this land.


  1. I wish every Alaskan and tourist loved Alaska at least as much as I do since discovering it in 1984 then the only reason you need walk the highways would be for shear pleasure and photos like these with nary a need for grab stick nor yellow bags. If only........!

  2. Gorgeous pictures. Wasn't yesterday such a beautiful day? I really needed that dose of sunshine!

  3. Glorious photos. I shouldn't complain but I can't find litter around here to pick up. That stretch I found a couple weeks ago was a rarity.

  4. Love your photography and wish the temperatures wouldn't be so cold. It looks so beautiful. Thanks for sharing....MsMillie

  5. Beautiful pictures!! Especially breathtaking to me are the ones showing the sun shining on the mountain tops. Thanks for sharing the wonderful sights with us!

  6. Truely God's country. Beautiful scenes and a glorious light show. Thanks for posting these.

  7. As if I didn't miss mountain country enough already. . . . and also, thanks for the tribute to Senator Stevens. He wuz robbed of his office.