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Monday, August 2, 2010

Saved by Incompetence

When today arrived and seemed to promise the fourth day in a row without significant rainfall, I could no longer use the weather as an excuse for continuing to avoid a necessary chore.

See this huge deck? What was I thinking when I determined the size to be constructed? Actually, it's obvious I wasn't considering maintenance of same. Today I needed to put a coat of stain on this expanse.

I gathered up all the stuff I'd need, and resigned myself to an afternoon of pushing a paint pad back and forth forever and ever, amen. The deck goes around the far side of the house, then widens again in front.

First, though, I had to clean up the mess the magpies made having a puff ball (mushroom) picnic on the steps. How do I know it was magpies?

Whenever there's mischief afoot, magpies are involved. Always.

I emptied the quarter can of stain into a painter's tray, then opened the last full gallon to mix with it.

Well, well, well.

The paint person at Home Depot had neglected to put tinting pigment in the can! Golly, gee. Too bad I had only enough stain to paint the rim facia.

Ah, saved by incompetence. Gotta love it.

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  1. My husband, being a professional painter, deals with kind of stuff on a regular basis. He's all set up and ready to start working only to find the paint store screwed up once again. Then the idiot at the store wonders why Lon throws a fit!!

    I'm glad in your case the incompetence made your day.