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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

PS to the Yakutat Journals

I mentioned early on in the Yakutat Journals that JJ intended the trip to be more than exploration of new country. She'd had knee surgery the year before after rupturing the ACL in one knee. This trip was to help condition the knee. She had difficulty carrying heavy loads, wearing heavy hip waders, etc., and occasionally had to wear a brace on that knee.

I spoke with her a couple weeks ago. She had hiked to Bench Lake and back in one day--nineteen miles.

I'd say the knee was doing well.

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  1. Thank God for the successful surgery. She'd be a basketcase if she was unable to get out and about easily. Hopefully she won't jeopardize her knee by overdoing it.

    JJ sounds like an amazing gal! In other words, you're quite a pair.