"I'm going to speak my mind because I have nothing to lose."--S.I. Hayakawa

Saturday, December 18, 2010

'Tis the Season to Wear Designer Fashions

Shaddy went a-shopping,

Some clothing for to find,

A Christmas party outfit,

That was on her mind.

Shaddy found her outfit:

Simply Vera--Wang, that is.

She would attract attention

At that Christmas party biz.

A sexy two-piece number,

That draped her body so,

With a swishy little hemline

That swayed as she walked fro.

Basic black but punked-out

With metallic silver thread,

Accessorized with silver chains

And high-heeled boots in red.


Gully drove to Anchorage

Some clothing for to find,

A special Alaskan outfit

That was on her mind.

Gully found her outfit

Faster than she found

A place to park her truck

After driving round and round.

A simple little outfit,

Just a jacket, truth to tell.

Basic brown and lined with black,

Classic item for this damsel.

She will attract attention

When she wear it ­­­­­oftentimes.

'Cause she can’t bend over,

‘till it’s been washed some fifty times.

Accessorized with seal skin hat

Trimmed with beaver fur,

Often worn with Sorel boots,

And wool socks knit just for her.

Shaddy was a knockout,

She took the place by storm.

Gully in her Carhartt ?

Well, Gully just looked warm.


  1. What can I say, Gully?

    Truth be told, I wasn't shopping for myself that fateful day. That Punk Rockher outfit came down off the rack, tackled me, knocked the wind out of me and then pinned me to the floor. Nobody came to my rescue until I reached in my pocket and waved my debit card. Immediately, four cashiers pulled the aggressive outfit off me, scolded it vigorously, helped me up, bagged it and sent me on my way. Fortunately, I suffocated the tag team in its plastic bag on the drive home. From then on, it was sweet as can be.

    I hope and pray your shopping experience wasn't traumatic, although, I bet wrestling a beaver for that hat was no picnic either!

    Considering the differences in where we live and what we do, I think we both came away victorious, don't you?

  2. Absolutely, Shaddy, It sounds as if your shopping experience was far more traumatic than mine, though I rarely go all the way into downtown Anchorage because of the parking problem. Big City, you know...

  3. Nice Carhartt! Now you need the overalls!