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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

What are the chances?

Today was another full-on bonkers day as I ran the mail delivery route, six hours and 130 miles out of the shadow of Wrong Mountain. Really. That's its name.

I left the house in darkness this morning. Six inches of snow had fallen during the early morning hours in temperatures just above zero, and as a result the snow was as light as a fleeting thought.

When the late-sleeping sun finally struggled above the mountain peaks somewhere around 10 a.m., it illuminated a partly-cloudy sky and layers of fog levitating above Turnagain Arm.

The snow added to the already heavy flocking on tree branches.

Sometimes the drive seemed to be through a wonderland of snow.

By the time I completed the mail run, the sun was sinking back below the horizon.

But just before I left the last village, I noted mist rising over the mouth of Kenai Lake. I parked the truck and walked back, knowing what I would find and wanting a picture of it.

Open water at the mouth of Kenai Lake.

My husband would call these last two pictures "ptarmigan in a snowstorm," because of the limited visibility. Ptarmigan are solid white in winter, except for their black eyes, and obviously ptarmigan would be almost impossible to see in a snowstorm. It's an old joke between us, one for pictures taken of who-knows-what.

But I knew what I was after, and here they are:

Three white adult swans and one gray cygnet in the mist of the lake.

I could barely see the birds when I took these pictures using the optic zoom.

What are the chances, in two out of four pictures, that I would capture these exact moments of symmetry?


  1. "Diligence is the mother of good luck." So said Ben Franklin. Magnificent photographs.

  2. I'm speechless, nearly. These photos are out of this world. Crazy beautiful. The third and fourth are my favorites although they're all fabulous.

  3. Breathtaking! I love how you capture the world around you in such beautiful ways :)