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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Where there's fire....

...there's smoke, to twist that old truism around a bit. And the late evening sun--say 10 p.m. or so--makes for some interesting photographs.

Nice, huh?

With more than five dozen wildfires now burning in Alaska, and only five of them manned, there's a lot of smoke in the air. The closest to me is about fifty miles away. A ridge of high pressure has been stuck over this part of the country for a week, bring unusually high temperatures. Temps in in the low eighties are unusual, but not unheard of, in this southcentral region. But, temps close to and at ninety--which they were a couple days ago--ARE unheard of. Looking in the opposite direction from that clump of fireweed, but earlier in the day, the smoke is obscuring the mountains.

No one's complaining much because we all remember last year's non-summer. In the meantime, the locals have been visiting the swimming hole. It's an old borrow pit. The gravel was dug out for road reconstruction years ago.

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