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Friday, April 1, 2011

Breakfast by the Bay

(This is an addendum to the previous post "En Route.")

Just look at what I would have missed had it not been for a passel of noisy kids wanting waffles and no empty seats in the tiny breakfast nook at this Vagabond Inn Executive motel in San Francisco.

With no place to sit and slather butter on my own waffle, I decided to go back to my room and watch more inane TV morning shows.  Instead,  a splash of color through the trees lured me to the sea wall that runs along the back of this motel.

I balanced my Styrofoam plate atop the concrete wall and watched jumbo jets embarking and returning at the airport across the water as birds chirped in the trees behind me and the sea ducks searched for their own breakfast al fresco.

The temperature was perfect (for an Alaskan).


The ambiance unbeatable.

And the action....

,,a lot more interesting than morning TV shows!

Okay, time to turn off the netbook, gather ALL my belongings, and head for the airport.  On the free shuttle.

(This post appears twice for some reason, but if I delete one of them Blogspot will delete the photos in the second one also, and I don't time to upload them again because I must gather ALL my belongings.  Anyway, you now have twice tghe fun.)


  1. WELCOME HOME!!!! but Im havin' trouble visualizing sunrise colors on the WEST coast...? I keep trying to orientate the bay, to figger out where you were-and all this thinkin' makes my head hurt! lol anywho, welcome home, chica! Cant wait to see more castles!

  2. Leave it to you to find a better place to enjoy your breakfast. Good for you and good for us who get to see what you saw.

    Be good as you head out on your last leg for home. Look out Alaska--Gully's about to set foot once again.