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Friday, November 4, 2011

The Polar Bear Journals, Ch. 2

Today was our first full day of activities at the Churchill Northern Studies Center and we spent the entire day out on the tundra in those enormous Tundra Buggies.  The name is capitalized because it's trademarked, built right here in Manitoba.

We saw a total of 18 bears today, and parked for several hours next to three that were active.  Well, two were very active, exhibiting the kind of feigned sparring that trains males for real sparring when mating season arrives.  The third bear could not be disturbed from its nap.

The internet connection is is very "iffy" and photos take a half hour or more for EACH one to upload.  So, I'm posting three good samples of what's Ive taken so far.

Tomorrow, we go on a helicopter overview of the area and a tour of Churchill itself.  The day after that, we're on the Tundra Buggy again.  Plus, each evening there is a lecture on various aspects of polar bears, climate change, and living with polar bears, etc.

Full days and evenings.  More to come, though it might not be much until after I get home the middle of next week.

In the meantime:

Sparring males.
No blood, just practice, but look at those choppers!.
These two bears would spar, eat snow, take a nap, then spar again.


  1. I do NOT think that I could deal with an 'iffy' internet connection that takes a full half hour to upload a photo KNOWING one glitch of one micro second in the electrical service and you LOSE your photo.. knowing from experience here in INDIA .. how about a photo when you get home of a Tundra Buggy .. fun photos ..

  2. Great photos, Jeanne! Sounds like an interesting outing so far.

  3. Glad you did not attempt to "dance" with that polar bear couple! Hugs. Patti

  4. Oh my, I'm with you on flattening those tires! Enjoy every second. What an experience.

  5. How exciting!! Can you hear them grunting and growling? Im w/ Bobba--dont risk the pics, wait til ya get home!