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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Fourth and Final Day of the Health Care Reform Apocalypse Watch, Because I'm really, really sick of it!

What all the previous stories meant:

The author who saw something he wanted to rewrite was able to do so.

I found and reset the furnace controls mentioned on Day Two.

I learned about CTRL+Z and haven't lost a document since.


There is where we're heading:
Does anyone know if any of those fixes will work on Congress????

The Fourth Horseman of the Health Care Reform Apocalypse: Diminishing of Self Responsibility and Personal Initiative.

The Third Horseman of the Health Care Reform Apocalypse: Trampling Individual Rights.

The Second Horseman of the Health Care Reform Apocalypse: Enron-Style Accounting.

The First Horseman of the Health Care Reform Apocalypse: Usurping State's Rights


  1. One can only hope that people wake up by November.

  2. The only fix I know of is at the ballot box. I wish the national character which built our country could be turned into a virus and everyone injected.

    p.s. You'll see an unfamiliar blog link here. I'm messing around again and have generated a new hideout where I can lay low sometimes. It's called Beauty of the Swamp and is at http://beautyoftheswamp.wordpress.com.

  3. Yip, the ballot box will be stuffed come November. I get my first chance to warm up on Tuesday when they vote on a school bond issue that will raise my property tax 10%. Bad move putting it so close to the Obamacare vote.

  4. Ugh! I can't stomach much more of the stuff going on in this country.