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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Natural Nutrients

Today was a beautiful day for soaking up vitamin D right from the organic source. I filled in for the mail carrier, delivering mail to Hope and Cooper Landing. Click on the photos to enlarge them to full screen, for that panorama experience.

The mail route takes me on 130 mile drive through the mountains of the eastern Kenai Peninsula.

This is what the narrow two-lane road to Hope looks like after a blizzard the day before.

This is Turnagain Arm. It's saltwater, sea level, and a ceiling of fog obscured the mountain tops while the sun slipped under them to illuminate the mountain's flanks.

The photo above shows the Arm in the other direction.

This is the texture of a light snow avalanche, soft and silky. Heavy snow avalanches look more like this photo below.

And those were the totally horrendous working conditions I suffered at my office today.....
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  1. I can see how you had a really tough day at the office. All that scenery must take its toll by the end of the day. ;)