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Monday, March 8, 2010

Just how bad WAS that blizzard?

How bad?

Well, it was bad enough school was canceled today in Moose Pass because the busses couldn't get through, and also the biggest social event of the year so far was canceled.

Of course I didn't take this picture of the school today. We were having a blizzard! I didn't go out.

And it was bad enough that I didn't even bother going out to the end of my 500-foot long driveway to search for a newspaper buried somewhere in the massive drifts and knee-high snow. Plus it was bad enough the premier social event of the year had to be canceled, dignitaries and all.

Of course I didn't take this picture today of my driveway. We were having a blizzard! I didn't go out.

It was bad enough that it was too bad for Tom's pickup with the snowplow on the front. He had to bring out the heavy equipment for this one. He probably used it to plow the site where the big event was supposed to have taken place this afternoon--the one for the dignitaries, and officials, and Sexy Senior Dumpster Cleaners and the ribbon-cutting.

Yes. I took this one today. From the comfort of my upper deck.

And it was bad enough that having big picture windows to see the magnificent scenery was a joke. Besides, the much-anticipated social soiree in this area had to be canceled, dignitaries, ceremonies, and all.

Remember this picture from Friday's blizzard? The back deck steps I said I wasn't going to shovel clean?

Today's blizzard was bad enough that the wind sculpted new snow into an aerodynamic shape so it wouldn't get slowed down. Not to mention the canceled celebration that was to have taken place down the road a few miles, with dignitaries, ceremonies, local officials, and all.

Yes, I took this picture today, after the blizzard tired itself out. To give you an idea of dimensions, that step riser is a twelve-inch timber. Mother Nature put it there, and she can darn well take it off of there.

Oh, but I'll bet you want to hear about the grand fete planned for Moose Pass today, don't you? The one that got cancelled?

Well, the grand ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new dump was to be this afternoon, but the blizzard had something to say about that. I mean, dignitaries from the borough were gonna come over and everything. Why, even the Sexy Senior Dumpster Cleaners from Cooper Landing were gonna be there. And me, too, all gussied up in winter boots, Carhartt jacket, fleece and gloves.

I stopped by the new site--actually it's called the Moose Pass Solid Waste Transfer Site--and christened it with a few bags of garbage. It is ever-so-nice, with concrete bulkheads so you only have to lift the bags waist high to throw them into the containers, unlike our old site where I had to life them over my head to get them in the bin.

It even has the recycling container for cardboard, aluminum cans, and newspapers.

Now, you might ask why we're so proud of our new transfer site. It's because the old one used to be smack dab in the center of town, right alongside the main (AND ONLY) road through town, and the dumpster doors were always open and magpies and ravens and eagles and bears used to get in there and haul out all the garbage that smelled tasty and scatter it all over the place and the wind distributed it even father. That's why.

Definitely not a photo taken today. We were having a blizzard. That look like blizzard conditions to you?

See my truck? The main (AND ONLY) road through town is right behind it, so this mess was always on display for tourists driving through town. Every Monday trhe Sexy Senior Dumpster Cleaners would drive over from Cooper Landing and clean up the mess. A half hour later, it looked like this again. Or worse. See that heavy lid hanging open? Almost impossible for a woman to close by herself. See those dirty scuff marks on the lower part of the dumpster? Muddy bear feet made those.

No, I didn't take this picture today. We were having a blizzard. I didn't go out.

Ah, but these modified bins? You can open the door with one finger.

And, voila! A nice, safe, clean transfer site for Moose Pass, courtesy of a lot of local folk and long hours they spent in meetings.

And now, in closing, a shout out (I learned that from Sarah Palin) to my friends Bill and Betty over in Valdez: I AM NOT WHINING ABOUT THE SNOW!!!!! I rather like these blizzards.

See, if they think I'm whining about a little snow, they will never quit laughing at me. Over in Valdez it snows so much that the folks flatten the face of a big snow mound and project movies against the white snow. Everyone drives up and pretends they're at a drive-in movie.

And, as long as I'm on this subject, I was reading a story in the paper the other day about Fairbanks. Seems it was 45 below zero, and the schools were open. See, they don't close the schools until it gets 50 below, and then only because they can't keep the buildings warm.

I kid you not.


  1. When you live in Alaska, you've got to expect such snowfalls.

    Just think how traumatic the major snowstorms were for the folks in the continental USA this year, especially in the East.

  2. Shucks, I didn't think to post our snow pics from Pittsburgh. We had 27 inches one day and other foot a couple of days later just for good measure. Snowiest February on record. We'll be chilling beer beside the driveway on July 4, I kid you not.

    I shoveled, and shoveled, and shoveled. Haven't been in such good shape for fifteen years. My secret? A cookie sheet. I kid you not. They work great. If I'd had a place to put it, I woulda built an igloo with the blocks I sliced out.

    All the while I was thinking this must be what life is like in Alaska. Then I heard from a friend in Fairbanks who told me they have hardly had snow this year. Who knew?

    Thinking spring, for both of us.