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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Pity Party

Call it what you will: pity party, poor loser, sour grapes, or whatever. I'm putting this photo of my long-ago cat on MY blog because a blogger who asked for cat photos failed to appreciate it enough to post it on her blog.

Did I expect to win her contest? No. Am I ticked off because I didn't win whatever prize she was offering? No. It was probably for some shop or event that doesn't have a branch in Alaska anyway.

But I did expect her to draw in her breath when she saw this elegant calico feline, her soft colors mirrored in the muted background. I thought she would immediately recognize a sweet and loving creature when she saw one. I was sure she would know royalty when she saw it.

Guess that's what happens when you live out in the flatlands of Oklahoma and don't see much of anything but cattle for weeks on end. You lose your ability to see quality.

So there. I'm posting this on MY blog, and I consider it a winner.

(Just kidding, PW. Just kidding. But....)

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  1. ...and anyway, will the REAL pioneer woman please stand up?