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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I'm a lone cowhand from the Rio...uh, Moose Pass?

Once upon a time in Detroit, Michigan, there was a young girl who longed to be a rough, tough, shoot-em-up, bareback-riding daredevil.

Fortunately for her, her folks moved to the great territory of Alaska, where her chances for adventure were increased greatly over living in Detroit, where she might have become a robot in an auto assembly plant.

One blessed summer, she found the horse of her dreams. Unfortunately, she had to return it to the rental stables when her time was up.

After much wheedling, begging, pleading and promising, she was able to secure the right outfit for her adventure.

I see by your outfit that you are a cowboy,
I see by my outfit I am a cowboy, too.
We see by our outfits that we are both cowboys,
If you get an outfit, you can be a cowboy, too.

Sadly, though, she was born before the feminist movement and had to make concessions to the times.

But she continued to dream and to practice, although she had yet to learn about muzzle control.

And then, finally.....

Now, she would ride off into the sunset if she could find dark glasses for her horse.

Err...her camel.

The dogs were fine. They were already outfitted.

The End

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  1. You made an extremely cute cowgirl, Gully. And I love this presentation.