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Sunday, August 1, 2010


File this one in the Now I’ve Seen Everything file.

This evening about 9 o’clock I noticed the wind had quit, so I drove up to Jerome Lake to do some kayaking. I was hoping for duck and loon photos.

I saw a family of Barrows Goldeneye ducks hiding in the grassy parts of the lake, and a lone loon floating about keeping an eye on two fishermen, but that’s about it for wildlife.

I wound up paddling the circumference of the narrow lake, snagging beer cans and other litter from the lake bottom. I filled a yellow trash bag full of muddy beer and pop cans. When I got back to my truck, I found it was 11 p.m., so I loaded up and headed down the hill towards home.

Tern Lake is a mile below Jerome Lake, so I pulled in there to do a quick clean-up. There were a couple motor homes parked for the night, and a couple cars.

This is Tern Lake on a rainy day a couple months ago. The pullout is just that--a wide spot in the road that's very handy for quick stops.

This is what I saw beside one of the cars:

Dude was taking his chicken for a walk.

Seriously. The Banty rooster likes to ride in the car. The guy had stopped here to let the chicken walk around and get some water from the lake. He picked up the chicken and set it down next to the water.

After the chicken had its drink, Dude picked it up and handed it to a passenger. Last I saw of them, the Banty was all nestled down and ready for the next leg of the trip—sitting on the passenger side head rest.

I mean, really. A chicken for a BFF?

I swear, some people.


  1. Oh, Gully, this definitely beats all!

    The photos and narrative regarding the Banty rooster were entertaining on their own. The grande finale revealing your similar friendships launched this post to an even higher level.

    I swear, your sense of humor beats all. Keep it up; the world needs you.

  2. Thanks for the laugh this morning! My mom had a parakeet that loved nobody but her. He was a persnickety little thing, but he sure was loyal. And he had a weird fetish for feet. Is that normal bird behavior?