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Friday, July 2, 2010


I know I've mentioned before how much I like the new glasses I got last September. As well as the replacement pair I got in December.

What I like most is that they are rimless and so lightweight I can hardly tell when they're on my face.

Plus, I also like that when I do have them on, they are almost invisible.

Add ImageSee? If not for the reflection, you'd barely notice them at all.

They're also very expensive. The non-frames alone were almost $300, and then there's the trifocals on top of that. Mmmmm.....very expensive.

So, when I took them off and set them down somewhere while climbing lighthouse hill is Mazatlan last November, it turned into a very expensive lesson because somewhere on lighthouse hill in Mazatlan there still lives a light-weight, almost invisible pair of trifocals.

In fact, if there's anything at all negative I can say about them, besides how expensive they are, it would have to be that they're lightweight and almost invisible.

For instance. A couple nights ago I was out picking up litter and the mosquitoes were especially voracious. So, I took off my glasses and set them down on the tailgate of my truck, which, by the way, was parked alongside the highway where traffic was whizzing past at the speed of light.

Then I sprayed insect repellent on my hands and rubbed them on my face. While I was doing that, a semi truck pulling doubles sped past, and his "prop wash" was severe. I finished with the bug dope and looked for my glasses. They weren't on the tailgate. I was sure I'd put them on the tailgate, but looked inside the truck just in case that's where I'd taken them off when I was getting the bottle of bug dope.

No, they weren't on the seat or the dashboard. I went back to the tailgate and searched again. Back to the driver's seat and looked a second time.

Then I wondered if the passing semi had blown the glasses off the tailgate. I looked all around.

Couldn't see my glasses anywhere.

Then I pretended I was a pair of very expensive, lightweight, almost invisible trifocals and had just been hit with the prop wash of a semi pulling doubles. Logic told me I'd have been blown off the right side of the tailgate, so that's where I concentrated my search.

Mind you, I don't wear trifocals for fun. I wear them because I need them.

Did I mention these are very expensive glasses?


  1. I think I'd buy a neckstrap for those precious glasses if I were you. A strong gust of wind could blow them right off your face and who knows where they'd land!

    On top of that, your favorite glasses are making a spectacle of themselves in the tall grass. I can hear them laughing at you while you look over, under, around and through them.

  2. Shaddy's neckstrap idea is a winner. I think I'd go with the gold chain look. That's what my 6th grade teacher wore and I've always wanted one.

  3. Yep, the neckstrap sounds like a winner -- and maybe some replacement insurance, if such a thing exists?

  4. I know your intentions are pure and honorable, but, people, people! I would wind up hanging myself accidentally if I wore a neckstrap!